How to get a skip permit and how much does it cost?

Posted on 14 May 2018 by admin

If you’re hiring a skip on a public road, a skip permit is mandatory. While a skip can be a very helpful in a number of situations, it’s important to keep in mind that there are several legal requirements surrounding the process of hiring a skip. Here’s a handy guide on how you can get your skip permit.

When is a skip permit necessary?

A skip permit (licence) is required whenever you place your skip on a public road or pavement. It’s not necessary if it’s going to land on your private property, but chances are at least part of it will be entering public areas. If your skip does end up on the pavement or road and you don’t have a permit, your skip will be promptly removed from the area and you will receive a fine.

It is also important to note that there are additional payments involved if you decide to place your skip on a public parking area, even if you do have a permit. The Parking Bay Suspension may cost upwards of a thousand pounds per month, particularly if you’re located in one of the more expensive areas of London. It is up to the skip supply company to handle all the formalities related to the skip’s placement, but do keep in mind that you will need to cover those costs. Where parking restrictions apply, applicants must obtain any necessary exemption from Parking Services prior to completing the application.

You will need a permit from the local authority to place a builder’s skip on a public highway, i.e. a carriageway, footpath or verge. The householder or the building contractor is not responsible for obtaining the permit. That responsibility rests solely with the skip supply company.

In most cases, local authority will accept applications online. However, some situations can be quite complex, so a site visit may be required to assess whether it is safe to place a skip in a particular location.

Typical conditions that could affect permission are:

  • siting of the skip
  • skip dimensions
  • making skips visible to traffic
  • care and disposal of skip contents
  • lighting and guarding of skips
  • skip removal
  • placement within 50 metres of a school
  • on a road that is less than 5 metres wide
  • less than 15 metres from junction or bend in the road
  • on a main A or B road
  • within 15 metres of width restriction
  • on a high street

Where can I get a skip permit?

All skip permits are issued by councils. However, if you want to get a permit, in most cases you won’t be required to show up yourself – most councils allow the skip hire company to apply in your stead. Each council handles the process a bit differently, so contact them to find out how exactly it works for where you live. Usually the process takes three to four days, so it’s important that you start applying for a permit ahead of time so that you have it by the time the skip is ready to be placed. At Hawk London, we can take care of all those formalities for you, and we won’t charge you extra.

How much does a skip permit cost?

That varies depending on where you live, as well as how much you need your skip to occupy the road. Most of the time, they are issued for a period of one or two weeks, though it is possible to ask for an extension – which will cost extra, of course. The average cost is at around £30 – this is taking into account skip company mark-up to cover admin costs (the admin fee is usually around £10). Skip companies must add VAT when recharging permit costs to the customer, despite the fact that VAT is nor payable on skip permits.

Skip permit prices across the UK (company mark-up excluded)


Birmingham – £13
Bristol – £13
Edinburgh – £25
Essex – £20
Exeter – £45
Glasgow – £55
Leeds – £20
Liverpool – £10
London (average) – £50
Luton – £55
Manchester – £20
Newcastle – £20
Nottingham – £15
Southampton – £15

Skip permit Licences

Council Contact for Application Skip Permit Fee Parking Bay Suspension Fee Application Waiting Time
Barnet via telephone £54 /2 weeks £54 / 2 weeks Up to 48h
Brent online form £49.5 / 2 weeks £400 / 2 weeks 5 working days
Camden online form £79.98 / 4 weeks £29.56 per day + admin fee £68.30 7 working days
Ealing online form £50 / 2 weeks £50 / 2 weeks 5 working days
Enfield via telephone £54 / 2 weeks + £37 for renewal £99 Admin fee / £15.80 per day 24 hours
Hackney online form £80 / 28 days 8 calendar days Licence 7 working days / Parking bay 8 working days
Hammersmith & Fulham Online + Telephone confirmation £72.60 / 1 month Up to 5 days £40/day, 6 to 42 days £60/day, over 42 days £80/day 9 days altogether
Harrow Online form via email £56 / 2 weeks £43.00 – £66.00 / 2 weeks 5 working days
Hounslow via telephone £84.55 / 2weeks £282 / 2 weeks 3 working days
Islington Online form £86 / 28 days £96.20 pierwszy dzien, kazdy nastepny £30.65 10 working days
Kensigton and Chelsea online form + invoice £89 licence only Up to 5 days £54 per day, 6 to 42 days £81, over 42 days £108 p day 2 weeks altogether
Merton Online form £80 £700 / 28 days 5 working days
Richmond Online form £71 /22 days £122 per 7 days 7 working days
Wandsworth application form via email £66.8 per 4 weeks £34.20 first day, next £27.70 7 working days
Westminster online form + invoice £78 per 2 weeks Up to 5 days £52 per day, 6 to 42 days £78, over 42 days £104 p day 2 weeks altogether