How to dispose of asbestos from your home?

Posted on 11 June 2018 by admin

Asbestos means a group of minerals which occur in nature.

When it was discovered, it was treated as the materials that many industries had been looking for. Asbestos is well known for its great strength, it’s resistance for heat, fire and stretching as well as very flexible. Many industries have found it to be versatile and insulation. But every single of those features comes with a great cost.

Asbestos is fibrous, meaning it’s built with microscopic fibres this as human hair. But it wasn’t till the ‘70. that the microscopic fibres were discovered to be also capable of causing cancer. The particles lodge in the lung tissue and their durability prevents them from being broken down by the protective system of the human body, but it might take years before the effects might occur.

Even though in it’s hardest form asbestos is not dangerous for humans, the broken down and powdery fibres can mean a serious danger, and you have a legal duty to manage it. That’s why it’s recommended to get rid of the material safely as soon as possible. There are a numerous legislation and debates concerning the problem.


So how to get rid of asbestos?


Work with it in well-ventilated areas and ensure that the surface of asbestos is thoughtfully wet. Above that check that you don’t use any tools that have abrasive or sand discs oh work with compressed air, as it might break the fibre. The waste needs to be disposed of at a site that is approved by local authorities. The rules for receiving asbestos by sites is set by the area’s councils and might be different depending on a region.

In accordance to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007, you don’t have to be a licensed professional to get rid of asbestos, as long as it doesn’t cover more than 10 square metres and is not friable.   You should follow the rules of safety and provide a personal protective equipment for yourself. You should also find out the skip hire that will dispose of your waste.

If you prefer to hire a professional to get rid of your waste, you have to find the one that either is an asbestos expert or have a great experience in handling it. Certified and well-trained staff will be able to handle the dangerous material, whether it’s on the roof or covers old pipes that need to be replaced. Search for those that offer professional removal services for any asbestos across the whole area. Look for companies that dedicate their services to a wide range of clients from domestic and commercial to public services at very competitive prices. Be careful and check thoroughly their offer, experience and reviews to get rid of the ultra-dangerous material safely and quick!